Salesforce Modules

Pick the right pieces to pull together the perfect Salesforce for your business.



Management of the most essential elements of any database, the accounts and contact. 
Customise, collaborate and maintain up to date information about your customers, partners, and competitors. 

Sales Cycles

Manage your sales process from enquiry to close, lead to sale and track where your pipeline is coming from. 
Better understand how and what your team is selling. 

Quote & Price

Create quotes and email them to customers at the click of a button. Simple, branded, itemised and tracked.


Get a grip on your data through strong reporting capabilities so you understand your business better. Graphically represent your most important statistics through Dashboards. 

Data Migration

Get your most important spreadsheets and database data into Salesforce. 

Security Management

Enhance company protocols around who has access to specific kinds of data. Get your users more focused by hiding unnecessary access to information that they don’t need.

Incident & Case Management

Bringing service requests, incidents, issues, complains and other complex interactions with clients into Salesforce. 
Organise your delivery of services using the console view. 

Extra Functionality


Track your assets within Salesforce is nothing but the functional or the convenient way of keeping the track record of the customer assets and manage them in a proper way

Contracts & Orders

Utilise Salesforce to track your Contracts and Deliverables.

Project Milestones & Task Management

Manage your projects from the close of an opportunity. View your projects task status summary, Gantt Chart view and track your project milestones.   

Process Automation

Remove your manual processes by using the power of Salesforce Automation.  Auto send emails, naming conventions, extra records created. 

Additional Sales Track

For the small business owner that has multiple sales channels or entities operating in the same Salesforce. Separate your data, employees and capture specific information for each process.