Finally! A Better way to pay for Salesforce!

Hands up if you've heard the term "Cashflow is King!". The reality is that for all businesses this is a very true statement.

What if you have said or thought "I want Salesforce but cannot afford the initial outlay for licenses and implementation costs". This is a certainly a common comment we hear when talking to customers - and it affects everyone regardless of their size.

Surely there must be a better way... why should businesses pay all the implementation and license costs upfront? Why can't you finance your licenses and implementation costs like other assets in your business? 

Well that problem has now been resolved!

Parvero, in conjunction with Stratton Finance (our Finance Partner), have launched a facility that allows customers to pay their Salesforce license and Implementation cost by the month!

Indicative pricing, based on our bundles and one Salesforce license, are as follows:

Get up and Going!

$587.17 per month

Upgrade me!

$683.75 per month

Manufacturing Essentials

$876.89 per month

(Note: terms based on a 24 month period. A doc fee of $220, inc GST, is payable at settlement)

Finance can be arranged for your individual implementation and license needs. As your business grows you can obtain further finance for any additional licenses and/or implementation costs.

Want to know more? Drop us a line or give us call on 02 8090 1478 and we can get you started.