Coffee, Hipsters & Marketing Automation

Emily takes a deep dive into the weird world of hipsters and how to track them down.

Blasts, drip feeds, journeys and cookies. Automated marketing is a hot topic not only in the technology space, but pretty much everywhere. With the wave of big data, businesses that are succeeding lap up huge amounts. It is key to harness the patterns through analytics, get hotter leads, have more targeted conversations and relate to your client on a deeper level. To get it right, you need the right tools. Marketing can win over sales, turning those before cold leads to hot.

Putting the buzzwords aside for just a moment, in every interaction between businesses, fundamentally you are communicating with a person. The rise of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are driven by user experience. Sharing a snapshot of your day, that almond milk latte with your Harvard Business review perched just off centre, gives the aura that you’re deep and dairy free. How then do business replicate this sentiment in their own interactions with customers?

Having a marketing automation tool manages your website, scores your leads then pushes it into your CRM for prospecting. Qualified, contextual, but most importantly, individually focused. Your conversation can be targeted to exactly what that individual is interested in and will pave the way to a better understanding of your clients pain points. Down the other end of that screen is a coffee sipping, egocentric hipster who is more concerned with what their next Instagram photo will be than what you’re trying to get across. You will need a little bit more than simply their name represented in your bulk email blast.

It is in the nature of a Hipster to think they are mysterious. Unmask their mysteries through analytics. Nurture your prospects through Journeys, designed specifically for different segmentations of your database. Pick a tool that can help you build and funnel your prospects through an automated email journey, keeping your business top of mind. Make sure your new technology has excellent reporting and analytics functionality can determine which communications are received the best, and alter future prospects pathways based on fact, unmasking those mysteries.

Urging your prospects onto your website, even pulling them in through Google Adwords can be tracked and stored against even your most elusive visitors. If they have been fishing around before, good tools keep the cookie history for later. Our little almond latte hipster won’t have noticed the cookie crumbs in his beard.